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Flashover Unit

The Flashover Unit is where fire behavior can be observed three feet below the fire floor. Instructors will demonstrate basic fire behavior using Class A combustibles. Key points of the system include incipient phase of the fire, fire growth, smoke production, high and low pressure zones, thermal feedback, rollover and flashover. The students are shown, and can practice under working fire conditions, nozzle techniques that can be used in any interior setting. There can be multiple evolutions before the fuel load is depleted.

Due to the high heat load all Firefighters and Instructors are required to wear Helmets with protective covers for both the helmet and shoulders in order to protect their gear from potential heat damage.

Decontamination after Interior Live Fire Training
In order to reduce the risk to Firefighters, decontamination of the outer garments is required after any Interior Live Fire training. All Decon equipment and solutions are provided.

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