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Upcoming Classes

To register, contact Lisette Guillen at 219-510-9111 or

March 2-3, 2021

Confined Space K-9 Deployment Class

This class will teach shoulder lifts, ladder lifts, shield lifts and the use of the Canine Attic Deployment (CAD) system to place the K9 in the attic and methods to remove your K9 from the attic. The teams will be exposed to crawl space deployments and the consideration for each tp of deployments. This class is not to promote these types of deployments but rather to introduce and expose the K9 team to different methods to accomplish and succeed when the decision to use a K9 has been made.

Team requirements:

  • K9 needs to tolerate muzzled and lifted
  • Handler needs to be able to lift K9
  • Be physically fit

Equipment Needed:

  • Muzzle
  • Long line 15; to 20' long
  • Tactical harness - needs belly band

Cost: $250 per team

March 22, 2021 8:00am - 4:00pm

The Crime Scene Investigative Process

Geared toward Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, and Supervisors


  • Investigators, the Investigative Process and the Crime Scene
  • Physical Evidence
  • The Follow-Up Investigation and Investigative Resources

Cost is $50 and includes lunch.  Space is limited!

April 5-7, 2021

Decoy Techniques & Training Seminar

The decoy techniques and training will include the proper use and presentation of a hidden sleeve, a normal sleeve, a bit suit, use of line work in training and harness. The focus is teaching the person how to be a decoy to lower person and canine injuries and build stronger canines for police work. Students attending will be given information on reading canines during apprehension work and proper methods to motivate canines and build control, strength and confidence in both the canine and handler. "Remember a good decoy can take a canine to higher levels and a poor decoy can destroy a good canine and cause injury to himself and the canine."

Cost: $150 per team/ per person

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