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Our Vision

Our vision for the MAAC Foundation is to develop a state-of-the-art campus that will serve as a leading provider of safety, emergency preparedness, and response training. Established on 4-acre parcel in Valparaiso, Indiana, we strive to meet the training requirements and objectives of departments locally, regionally, and statewide.

Our Mission

MAAC’s mission is to develop and maintain training opportunities for firefighters, police officers, and EMS.  This will be achieved through the offerings of combined classroom and practical application programs that will provide advanced levels of critical thinking and functioning in preparedness and response. Moreover, MAAC is dedicated to supporting and meeting the needs of existing Indiana District 1 training sites in partnership with Indiana District 1 Firefighter Training Council to effectively and efficiently provide fire service training to all District 1 firefighters, ensuring that national firefighting standards are met; quality of training and experience of fire instructors are sufficient; and that the core elements and foundation of an effective fire training system are established and maintained for future generations of firefighters.

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